Starting January 16, 2017 and in connection to Instruction No2/Jan.29, 2016 about the conditions and the order of certifying a balneo treatment center by the Ministry of Tourism and Ministry of Healthcare we registered AquatoniK-Medical-ASMP Medical Centre Ltd. Here highly professional specialists apply health procedures based on natural curative factors (mineral water and/or curative mud). Various therapeutic programmes are offered and they are held in specially equipped offices, halls and premises intended to perform diagnostics, treatment, rehabilitation and prophylactics there.

AquatoniKBalnoe Complex developed special offers for the guests that need balneological treatment conformed to the characteristics of mineral water, the climate and material basis. In accordance with the individual characteristics of the patients and their current condition an individual programme for prophylactic activities can be prepared on the spot

Declaration for disorders of clients with the balneo package – Bulgarian

Declaration for disorders of clients with the balneo package – Russian

Declaration for disorders of clients with the balneo package – English

With accommodation of minimum 5/five/ nights we offer balneological treatment programmes with FREE-OF-CHARGE BALNEO PROCEDURESincluded.

1.      The balneological treatment at the one and only indoor Aquatonic mineral pool in Bulgaria is a unique experience. The pool is supplied with 57 hydro-massage nozzles and several sections for massage of the feet, shoulders and back and other parts of the body. The underwater bike and ‘swimming against the current’ function strengthen the muscle system combining the influence of radon mineral water with physical strain. Balneological treatment has a favourable influence on joint and muscle pains, discal hernia, radiculitis, contractions and etc. The open-air mineral pool with two sections – warm 40˚C and cold 18˚C and a beach area around is at the same level. This area is suitable for sunbathing, sport and various attractions such as: physical exercises at the equipment fixed for the purpose, playing chess or relaxing in a comfortable chaise-longue. These are to be found at level 1 and a wonderful view to the mountain. The hydro massage bath-tubs for chromo-zone therapy and aromatic salt, underwater stream massage, which are on level 2, bring about complete relaxation, improvement of the psychologic and emotional tone and happiness of life.

External application, drinking treatment and prophylactics of diseases of the digestive system and biliary pathways as gastritis, colitis and cholecystitis.Urinary-excretive system such as cystitis and pyelonephritis.

2.      The physiotherapy, found on level /1/ has at its disposal 16 offices, equipped with modern apparatuses for treatment with:

-          low and medium frequency currents – find their application in traumatology – Zudek’s atrophy, hematomas, rhexis of the symphysis, joint contractions, resolution of tumefaction; neurology – hemiplegia, neuritis, causatives, inter-bone neuralgias, radiculitis, trauma lesion of the peripheral nerves; arterial obliterating diseases, Rheino’s disease; inflammatory and degenerative joint diseases; dermatology – radiodermitis, atonic wounds; genealogical diseases and etc.   \

-          super sound -  influences peripheral nervous system diseases, back-lash of the central nervous system damages, locomotive system traumas, gastrointestinal tract disorders, chronic inflammatory processes in various organs and tissues, genealogical diseases and etc.

-          magnet therapy – exercises exquisitely good anti-inflammatory and pain-soothing influence on locomotive system disorders, after-fracture conditions and peripheral nervous system diseases.

-          laser therapy – successfully appliedin treatment of wounds including surface burns, soft-tissue injuries, treatment of tendons, ease of pain, dermatologic and joint pathologies.

-          mineral water and herb inhalations – steam inhalation is a procedure which eases bronchitis occlusion, colds and other breathing and sinus disorders such as bronchitis, asthma and pneumonia conditions. It unblocks sinus obstructions and lung pathways and helps get free of the secretion, breathe easily and get well very fast. To make the steam one can use fresh or mineral water, add fresh or dried herbs and herb oils to increase the effect of treatment.

-          infrared lamp – it has been optimized to ease the pains in muscles and joints, for example shoulder, elbow, calfor neck and ease general colds as well. Deeply penetrating light makes the skin younger, eases the pain and removes toxins, widening blood vessels and thus stimulatingblood circulation. The concentric rings help the rays to focus precisely onto the defined area.

3.      Kinesis therapy– applied in a wide specterof problems and conditions: sprains anddislocations, headache, pains in the spinal column (spondylitis, lumbago, stiffness), sport traumas, tendinitis, deformation of the spinal column (scoliosis, kyphosis, stenosis and etc.), disk hernia, post-operational conditions, deforming arthrosis (cox-and go-arthrosis, post- artificial joint setting and etc.

– manual therapy or/curative massage/; includes muscle-fascial relieving techniques, stretching of shortened and restricted structures and tissues and specific strengthening of weakened muscles, soft tissue and joint mobilizations and etc. These procedures help revive pain-bringing areas, feel flexible and free performing painless movements.

-          affecting the pain: use of cryotherapy (ice), soft warmth, super sound, laser and etc.

-          Curative exercises: directed at strengthening, stabilization, stretching of shortened structures aiming to reach painless movement. These exercises improve movements and set the correct muscle balance. We offer group, individual, underwater gymnastics in the aquatonic mineral pool, aqua aerobics, Roche’s cage.

-          Correction of posture (postal disturbances); actions directed to modifying behavior, postal exercises and self-control (self-realization). We concentrate on muscle and skeletal damages.

-          home-applicableprogramme: short and detailed programme of exercises corresponding to the condition at the moment, mentioning what can be or cannot be done.

-          we also treat various orthopedic conditions such as: arthritis, tennis and golf elbow, various joints-connection damages, incorrect walking, broken bones (post-re-positional, post-operational or post-immobilization phase) pains in the shoulder joint and etc.

4.      Mud treatment  with curative mud for Pomorie, rich in biologically active organic and mineral substances, micro seaweed, micro fauna typical of Bulgarian salt lakes. Helps mineralize the body. Acts anti-inflammably, anti-bacterially, relaxingly, detoxicating and hydrating, quickening the resolution of tumefactions and strengthens regeneration. It also acts in depth with a favourable influence on the locomotive system, neuros system, bones, nails and etc.

5.      Lugga treatment in the form of compresses and Pomoreanlugga baths. Lugga shows strong anti-inflammatory action with aseptic and bacterial inflammations. It mineralizes the organism. Stimulates defensive reactions and regenerative tissue processes. Magnesium is an exquisitely important biogenetic element, beneficial for the human organism, favourably acting on the locomotive and neuros systems, bones, nails and etc. Lugga treatment is also applicable treating arthrosis of the knees, pelvic, shoulder and elbow joints, joints of the wrist, calves, spondylitis, radiculitis, rheumatic complaints, muscle pains, varicosis, skin disturbances as psoriasis, acne.  Inflammation of the periarticular tissues, neuritis –sciatica and etc.

At AquatoniKBalneo Complex are treated:

1.      Disorders of the locomotive system – degenerative, inflammatory, post-traumatic

2.      Endocrine-exchange disorders – fattening, podagral

3.      Gynecologic diseases – non-specific inflammatory and sterility – male and female

4.      Respiratory diseases - non-specific inflammatory and allergic

5.      Disorders of the peripheral nervous system and neurotic functional disorders

6.      Drinking mineral water application with stomach, C-bile and kidney-stone diseases.

The mineral water is characterized as hyper-thermal, low-mineralized, hydro-carbon-sulphate-potassium-Fluor, weak Radon and alkaline.

The temperature at the spring is 47.5˚C, the micro components contents and general mineralization are as follows:

general mineralization/mg in a litre /227.5/ weakly mineralized under 1g/l


·         Fluor – 5.5

·         Chlorine – 3.8

·         sulphate – 31.9

·         carbonate – 14.6

·         hydro carbonate – 56.3

·         hydro silicate – 2.7

·         nitrate – missing

·         nitrite – missing



·         Natrium -94.0

·         Potassium – 55.1

·         Calcium – 2.9

·         Iron – 0.01

·         Magnesium – traces

·         meta-silicon acid

·         Radon – 67 eman

Mineral water affects the organs and systems of human organism through:

·         reinforce diuresis

·         improve the secretion and movements in the stomach-intestinal and c-bile pathways

·         normalizing influence on the activity of the nervous system and glands with internal secretion

·         activate blood regeneration

·         improve inflammatory degenerative processes

·         anti-toxic effect