SPA center

The moment one is on the threshold of the SPA centre of AquatoniKBalneo Complex you would feel your senses vitalized… An unusual world, one of soft sounds, inspiring aroma, well-being and harmony. A place where nature meets technology, the unique aquatonic pool, science meets beauty thanks to ‘sanus per aquam’ t.e. health through water. And time stops… are you going to present yourself an hour, a day, a weekend or a vacation in purifying and relaxing therapies, rituals, relaxing massages or care of your face, you are to enjoy luxury and comfort, personal attention and professional care.

The SPA7Wellness Centre of the balneo complex offers its visitors free-of-charge:

Roman bath /Tepidarium/ - warmed-up hall with floor heating and heated-up rafts, riveted in stone and marble.

The temperature about 37˚C combined with the low humidity of air, nearly 30%, lets the human body to slowly relax and get ready for the SPA procedures to follow.

D-r Kneip’s trail – passing on through successively changing pools with cold /18˚/ and warm /34˚/ water. This regular rotation stimulates the function of internal organs, improves the immune system, intensifies metabolism. Blood circulation and irrigation of limbs is improved and causes pleasant massage of the feet.

The adventure shower – the combination of various temperature regimes and several types of nozzles with different pressure will give you unforgettable pleasure. The varying streams of water, from cool London haze, through Siberian storm to the enormous drops oftropical shower will leave an experience that no one will forget.

The ice room – a hall with real snow inside. It is a modern way to cool the body after heating procedures. The short time, spent in the ice-room will be enough to refresh and enliven you, if you decide to make use of that cooling procedure. Each one of the appliances can be used on its own: Icy shocking salt lake at temperature of 5˚C, Shocking bucket at temperature of 5˚C and a bowl of ice shavings.

Classical steam bath for eight persons is held in a hall, characterized with high humidity and temperature lower than the one in a sauna, 50-55˚C. A pleasant and intriguing experience under the oval-shaped starry sky, changing its colours. The bath is visibly dimmed by tender aromatic steam, extracting the toxins and acting relaxingly, leaving the impression of mystery in the experience.

The infrared sauna for four persons is heated by infrared rays with wave length of the infrared specter. The air temperature in the hall is up to 55˚C. Only 20% of the rays heat the air, the remaining 80% are used to warm up the human body. Your body perspires faster and at lower temperature than in a sauna. That is the more suitable option for people suffering heart problems, having sport traumas, arthritis, chronic fatigue. It is also suitable for people having acne, eczema, allergies – sweating takes off the layer of dead cells and improves the tone and elasticity of the skin. It also helps remove fat depots of cellulite formations.

Classical Finnish sauna is for ten persons with Rhodopean herbs aroma. Relieves and loosens weary muscles, helps do away with mental fatigue, decreases tension and stress, trains the cardiovascular system, increases the temp of metabolism, improves blood circulation, temporarily relieves arthritis pains, helps keep the skin clean and strong, gives healthy tan.

Relax hall. There you can relax in a marble bed or lounger, which follows the shape of your body. With the suitable interior design created it is an interesting place to restore your energy balance. Three-channels of relaxing music in the headphones, in combination with the candle –lights and the fire-place will lead you in a different world of unforgettable experience.

Laughter-therapy lobby. Laughter therapy has been imposed as a therapeutic method. It has been proved that it not only makes one cheer-up but also contributes to acquiring great volumes of information, because when we laugh our blood circulation improves.When somebody laughs the hormone of happiness, endorphin, floods his/her brain, that is why he/she starts feeling happy and protected. Examinations also indicate that people who love laughing accept life with a little dose of irony and they do not suffer neurosis. According to specialists laughter can be compared to well-done aerobics, as it makes 80 groups of muscles operate. It is the same as with physical loading, cardiac action quickens and the level of cholesterol goes down. Breathing optimizes, vascularity of organs and tissues sharply improves. Laughter stimulates the immune and nervous systems, eases pain, decreases stress and makes the operation of digestive system become normal.

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Working time: 9.00 a.m.- 8.00 p.m