The upscale SPA and Wellness Centre will cater for your health, whereas the state-of-the-art medical centre, equipped with last generation physical and rehabilitation apparatuses, will remove your body aches and restore its vigour.
We do electrotherapy, laser-therapy, magnetic therapy, inhalations, physical exercises, kinesic therapy with a Rochet unit,  lye and paraffin therapy, infrared ray phototherapy, ultrasonic therapy, etc.

The healing qualities of the mineral waters have been known since ancient times. As the ruins of old reservoirs and aqueducts for mineral waters in Kamenitza and Chepino indicate, the Romans had balneological facilities.

With its abundance and variety of mineral waters, Velingrad occupies first place in Bulgaria. The richest hydrothermal deposits are to be found here.

The thermal water- providing pool of Velingrad is one of the largest and best examined ones in the whole South Bulgarian thermal region.

Its water resources amount to about 160-175 l/sec. The total number of mineral sources is about 80. The water temperature varies- 42-43 deg С in Chepino, 28- 63 deg C in Ludgene, 84-88 deg C in Kamenitza and 94 deg C in Draginovo.

The springs natural temperature is 47.5 C, the micro components and the overall mineralization being as follows :

Overall mineralization/mg per 1 litre/227.5/, low mineralization under 1 g/litre

Anions :
  • Fluorine - 5.5
  • Chlorine - 3.8
  • Sulfate - 31.9
  • Carbonate - 14.6
  • Hydrocarbonate - 56.3
  • Hydrosilicate - 2.7
  • Nitrate - not available
  • Nitrite - not available
Cations :
  • Sodium - 94.0
  • Potassium - 55.1
  • Calcium - 2.9
  • Iron - 0.01
  • Magnesium - traces
  • Metasilicic acid - 53.7
  • Radonium - 67 eman
Diseases treated at the AquatoniK Medical Centre include:
  • Neurological diseases of the central and peripheral nervous systems
  • Disorders of metabolism ad endocrine systems – gout, obesity
  • Gynaecological disorders, chronic inflammations and disorders of the female reproduction system
  • Disorder of the muscoskeletal system – both degenerative and inflammatory
  • Cardio-vascular diseases, hypertonic conditions, vascular changes in the limbs
  • Diseases of the respiratory system – both inflammatory and alrgic
  • By drinking – for kidney stones, stomach and bile and liver
  • Dental problems
The mineral water affects the human system by:
  • increasing micturation
  • improving the bowel and liver function
  • normalizes the nervous system and the the functioning of  the glands
  • activates blood regeneration
  • improves conditions caused by inflammatory and degenerative processes
  • ensuring and anti-toxic effect