AquatoniK SPA and Balneo Complex is located in Velingrad the SPA Capital of the Balkans. It is not by chance called the Pearl of Bulgarian Balneology.

There goes a legend that Orpheus once lived in that area and Spartacus got his titanic strength here… history keeps a lot about the Chepino region.

Guests and citizens of Velingrad can these days feel the spirit of the past, entwined with the modern technologies of the present. The town is one of the most frequented Bulgarian resorts. Its uniqueness lies in the one-and-only combination of favourable climatic and landscape conditions.

The unique combination of climate, mineral water and marvelous nature make Velingrad a preferred tourist destination for relax, treatment and amusement.

All this harmony of forms, colours, forest sounds and aroma turn the place into a small piece of Heaven.

Velingrad is located in the Chepino valley. Spread along the banks of Chepino River it is  85km. away from the town of Plovdiv and 133km. from Sofia.

Velingrad is to be found in the latitude 42˚03’N and longitude 23˚55’E and takes up the most western part of the Chepino valley, close to the conditionally accepted border between the Western Rhodopi and Rila Mountains. The various parts of town are at 750 to 800m above sea level. The relief is typically Rhodopean with mighty mountain ridges forming an enormous ring surrounding the valley. They are named Alabak, Velyisko-Vedeniski ridge, Karkaria and Syutka.

Nature is exquisitely generous to our town, presenting it with beautiful pine forests, abundance of mineral water and Kleptuza, the biggest Karst spring in Bulgaria.

The geographic situation of Velingrad is the reason for its specific climate – transient continental with Mediterranean influence. The average yearly temperature of air is 9.3˚, average temperature in January is 1.8˚ and in June 18.7˚C. It rains comparatively little, the maximum is in June. The most specific thing about the microclimate of Velingrad is the clear weather and continuous sunshine throughout the whole year. The number of misty days is about 15 for a year. Velingrad and its vicinity are the quietest spot in Bulgaria with an average speed of wind of 1m/sec. The specific wind around is the so called night breeze which carries the cool of the evening from the surrounding mountains and turns the evenings and nights pleasantly cool.

The pine forests, the sunny days, the water treasure, the clear mountain air and favourable climate create the conditions that allow successful treatment in the sanatoriums of Velingrad all throughout the year.

The curative characteristics of the mineral water have been known since antiquity. The Romans had their balneological places, about which speak the remains of old water catchments and pipes for mineral water in Kamenitsa and Chepino quarters.

Velingrad is ranked first in Bulgaria for the abundance and variety of its mineral water. The biggest hydro-thermal deposits are to be found here.

The thermal-water carrying basin of Velingrad is one of the biggest and comparatively well studied in the entire South Bulgarian thermal region.

Water resources come to about 160-175l/sec. The total number of mineral springs is about 80. Water temperature varies: in Chepino quarter from 42-43˚, in Ludzhene quarter from 28 to 63˚, in Kamenitsa quarter to 94˚ and in the village of Draginovo up to 101˚C.

The thermal water of Chepino quarter comes out of granite-based springs, which are located nearly one kilometer south of it. The water is characterized as hyper thermal, with low mineral contents, hydro carbonated- sulphate-potassium, Fluor, weakly Radon and alkaline.