Aqua Labyrinth pool

Welcome to the wonderful new Aqua Labyrinth pool of Aquatonik Balneo Complex, Velingrad!

You are going to feel special enjoyment and satisfaction in its curative water.  Your use of the aqua mineral labyrinth will leave an unforgettable experience. There are over 10 hydro massage therapies and functions: a lounger kept balanced by compressed air hanging over the equipment and two nozzles, which massage your heels and Achilles’ tendon; a bench with two nozzles massaging the back of your body with air and water; moving into the hydro massage trails Aquanova and Galaxy your body will experience massage from nozzles located at different height; turbo jet – massage of your back; colourfulwaterfalls /chromo-therapy/ - three of them – massage  the shoulder area with various intensity, chromo-therapy positively affects the human body and tone, the health and psychologic state of a person, in combination with hydro-massage;  two water guns that will make your shoulder area and neck relax; Radon tub – two pools withcontrasting cold and warm water zones, help improve your immune system; genital massage; kids’ pool with coloured waterfall.

Give yourself up to bliss and satisfaction, dive into harmony, live through wonderful moments…

Working time: 10.00a.m.- 7.00p.m.