AquatoniK pool

In the volume of nearly 150 cubic meters of the AquatoniK mineral pool at Aquatonik Balneo Complex you can enjoy a marvelous hydro massage form head to toe. It is the only mineral water pool in Bulgaria where one won’t be bored even for a second. You would need about an hour to let your body taste the experience of the 57 massage nozzles. The order is of no importance. One can start with:

Chinese feet massage – lying on the underwater chaise-longue with your feet against the nozzles you will have the most important part of your body well massaged.

The Super Nova Trail – the massage starts from your ankles, then knees, haunch, chest and back with 16 double-rotating nozzles will make your blood move.

Swimming against the current – a new function for those who would like to have their body in perfect condition.

Waterfall – a temperate stream of water is falling on your neck and shoulders, thus massaging all the pertaining muscles.

Relax in the Super Nova Ventury zone – nozzles fixed along the entire side of the pool will massage your calves, hips, haunch and back. A specially fixed rail will make your movement much easier.

Belly and genitalia massage – a strong spurt of water will massage the belly zone, your hips and gluteus. A special handle will help you keep your body above the water stream.

A corner pool with a bench and 16double-rotating nozzles fixed on both sides of the back-rest will massage your back and waist. There are special finenozzles for your neck above the bench to gently massage your cervical vertebra.

Radon mineral water pool at 42˚C /Jacuzzi/ not recommended for hypertonic people and those suffering from varication.

To keep you fit you can also use the under-water sport track /aqua running/ as well as a bike /aqua biking/.


Dear guests,

To keep your health and hygiene wearing a swimming cap is obligatory!

Let us take care of you!