Health Parcour

Three hours

1.Swimming pool around an hour . The order is irrelevant.

· 6 min. You can make your Chinese foot massage, in the lounge underwater;

· 6min.  You can make Super Nova Path- include ankle massage, knees, hip, breast and back. You can swim upstream;

· 3 min. You can use waterfall on your back and neck;

· 10 min. You can use water cycling;

· 10 min. You can use underwater running track;

· 3 min. Make your relax in “Ventury” zone;

10 min. maximum- You can stay in Radonov mineral pool with 40°С water.

/It is not recommended for people with hypertension and varicose veins /

· 6 min. Use Jacuzzi with jets and antithetic massage / sprayers/ on your neck and geyser;

1. SPA - around an hour. Procedures should be in order.

· 10 min. Your body should adapt to the temperature  in the Roman bath

37° C

· 10 - 15 min. in the Steam bath Т- 48° С;

· 5 min. Ice room:

- Ice salt lake Т - 5°С  you should dive your shoulder for this period.

- clean your body from salt;

- rub your body and your hair with ice crystals;

· 10 min. Finnish sauna Т- 80°С. Entering into the sauna only with a towel. You can change it with an Infra-red sauna which is especially recommended for people with hypertension Т-55°С;

· 5 min. Adventure shower-You should accept buttons down side up:

- London fog– Т - 18 until 24°С. Hiss of the wind in yellow glow

- Siberian storm –Т - 8 until 12°С. Hurricane and blue glow

- Tropical rain –Т - 26 until 30°С. Song of birds and red glow

· 10 min. Dr Knipe’s Path- March by 20 - 30 steps for around 1 min. into every bath and go into another with different temperature. It stimulates  your immune system effectively ;

· 15 min. Relaxation room- lie down and relax in chaise-lounge, put headset and listen to the music in front of the fireplace.

2. Recover your body balance- 50 min. - You can choose from juice from the Lobby bar, make massage or read a book in your bed;(It is not free.)